European Yearbook of Sport Psychology

A publication of FEPSAC ISSN 1433–1462

With the publication of the first volume of the “European Yearbook of Sport Psychology” in Spring 1997, a new era in the development of European sport psychology started. For the first time a scientific periodical of FEPSAC was released, with the aim to give European sport psychology more recognition in the international scientific field and to increase the mutuality and the communication between the different European traditions. After three years, the “European Yearbook of Sport Psychology” was succeeded in 2000 by a new official journal of FEPSAC, called “Psychology of Sport and Exercise” published by Elsevier.

A look back

Three volumes of EYSP have been published since 1997, covering a wide range of themes, with many promising new approaches besides mainstream sport psychology. Six comprehensive current review papers, 13 contemporary research papers, and one applied report were included. 44 authors from the following 13 countries contributed: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and USA. Abstracts in the four major European languages German, French, Spanish and Russian were provided. In addition, some authors added an abstract in their language, for example Finnish, Flemish, Greek, or Italian, thus giving the EYSP the real European touch of diversity of cultures and languages.

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European Yearbook of Sport Psychology

Volume 1 / 1997 ISBN 3–88345–740–X

Current Reviews

Empirical Research in Sport Psychology:

A Critical Review of the Laboratory-Field Controversy

Jürgen R. Nitsch

Emotions and Athletic Performance:

Individual Zones of Optimal Functioning Model

Yuri L. Hanin

Psychological Performance Crisis in Competition, 1984-1996:

A Review

Michael Bar-Eli

Contemporary Research

« I Agree With the Referee’s Abuse, That’s how I also Beat…»:

Prediction of Sport Violence and Attitudes Towards Sport Violence

Athanasios Papaioannou

Relationships Between Addiction to Running, Commitment to Running, and Deprivation from Running:

A Study on the Internet

Attila Szabo, Robert Frenkl, and Arcangelo Caputo

The Influence of Situational and Individual Goals on the Intrinsic Motivation of Romanian Adolescents Towards Physical Education

Monica Dorobantu and Stuart Biddle

Achievement Goals, Perceived Ability and Active Search for Information

François Cury, Philippe Sarrazin, and Jean Pierre Famose

Brain Slow Potentials as Indicators of Superior Shooting Performance

Niilo Konttinen and Heikki Lyytinen

Applied Issues

Mental Practice Sessions for Young Female Gymnasts on the Uneven Bars

Marielle Cadopi, Julie Jean, Anne Ille, and Jean-Claude Albert

Volume 2 / 1998 ISBN 3–89665–080–7

Current Reviews

The Body, Self and Identity.

Personal and Social Constructions of the Self Through Sport and Movement

Reinhard Stelter

Perceived Difficulty and Resources Investment in Motor Tasks

Didier Delignières

Contemporary Research

Enjoyment in Youth Sports: A Goal Perspectives Approach

Jarmo Liukkonen, Risto Telama, and Stuart Biddle

Domain Generality of Goal Orientations, Beliefs, Perceived Ability, and Interest Among Spanish Student-Athletes

Marta Guivernau and Joan L. Duda

Emotions in Track and Field Athletes.

A Test of the Individual Zones of Optimal Functioning Model

Claudio Robazza, Laura Bortoli, Ivan Zadro, and Vincent Nougier

The Effect of Self-Talk on Injury Rehabilitation

Yannis Theodorakis, Anastasia Beneca, Marios Goudas, Panagiotis Antoniou, and Parascevi Malliou

Volume 3 / 1999 ISBN 3–89665–135–8

Current Review

Optimal Functioning versus Dysfunction of Athletes

A Comprehensive Model for the Practice of Sport Psychology

Yves Vanden Auweele, Eric Depreeuw, Randy Rzewnicki, and Frederik Ballon

Contemporary Research

Harald goes to Work by Bike

Measuring the Effectiveness of a Physical Activity as Health Behaviour by a Single-Case Time-Series Analysis

Martin Lames

Sport, Stress, Emotional Support and Mental Health in Adolescence

A two-year longitudinal study

Christoph Röthlisberger and Roland Seiler

Examining the Relationship Between Perceived Competence, Self-Esteem and Participation Status in Youth Sport

Martyn Standage and Darren C. Treasure

Exercise-Induced Affect During Training and Competition in Collegiate Soccer Players

Attila Szabo and Mark Bak


The editorial work was shared by Stuart Biddle, UK, Yuri Hanin, Finland, Hubert Ripoll, France, Glyn Roberts, Norway, and Natalia Stambulova, Russia. The editorial responsibility was in the hands of Roland Seiler, Switzerland. An Editorial Advisory Board assisted in the refereeing process of the manuscript, as well as external referees. My special thanks goes to all those who contributed to keep the standard and quality of the EYSP high. Thanks also to Academia Publishers for their support in the technical aspects of the production.

Roland Seiler

Editor-in-Chief, EYSP