Honorary Membership

Nomination for FEPSAC Statutory honorary membership

The statutes of FEPSAC, as adopted by the General Assembly 2007 in Halkidiki, recognize not only individual and group members, but also honorary members (cfr. article 2.1). Honorary membership is a significant honor bestowed by FEPSAC, awarded for life and aimed at acknowledging the significant contribution of the honorary member (a) to the attainment of the goals and the advancement of FEPSAC and/or (b) for rendering outstanding service to sport and exercise psychology in Europe. Statutory honorary membership is in general awarded to an individual. Exceptionally honorary membership can be awarded to a group.

Procedure Statutory Honorary Member

Nominations for honorary membership can be submitted to the secretary-general by (a) group members, (b) the Managing Council, and (c) the Past-Presidents Council using the document ‘Nomination FEPSAC Statutory Honorary Membership’. Group members can only submit a nomination if they have paid their four-year membership fee (as confirmed by the FEPSAC Treasurer) before the nomination is submitted. The next deadline for submitting nominations is June 1, 2021.

Nominations will be evaluated by the Honorary Membership Committee, who will formally advise the Managing Council (a) whether the nomination satisfies the aims of statutory honorary membership and (b) when accepted, the category of contribution of the nomination (i.e., ‘For a significant contribution to the attainment of the goals and the advancement of FEPSAC’ and/or ‘For rendering outstanding services to sport and exercise psychology in Europe’). The Honorary Membership Committee (a) is chaired by the president’s appointee and (b) consists of the president and members of the Past Presidents’ Council of FEPSAC.
The Managing Council formulates the final decision on acceptance or rejection of the nominee during its last full meeting before the European Congress of Sport Psychology, where the honorary membership is to be awarded. The Managing Council’s decision is communicated by the president and secretary-general to the nominator, and in the case of acceptance, to the respective nominee.

As the honorary membership is awarded during the closing ceremony of the European Congress of Sport Psychology, the nominee is required to attend the closing; in exceptional circumstances, the nominator can receive the Honorary Membership in absentia.

Neither FEPSAC nor the local congress organiser is required to provide financial and/or logistic support to nominee(s) to attend the closing ceremony.

If requested by the nominee, she/he can exceptionally submit after the deadline an abstract for the European Congress of Sport Psychology during which the Honorary Membership is awarded. If required by the nominee, the nominator will provide the financial support in order to ensure the presence of nominee during the closing ceremony of the XV European Congress of Sport Psychology.