FEPSAC Congress 2019

The 15th European Congress of Sport and Exercise Psychology took place in Münster from 15th to 20th  July 2019. The conference was a major success both in terms of participation, with more than 900 attendees (record of attendance), and in terms of quality of the works presented.

Reports, stats and pictures of the conference are available on THIS WEBSITE developed by the congress organisers.

© FEPSAC 2019 (Peter Leßmann, Markella Moraki)©FEPSAC2019- Leßmann, Moraki

Opening keynote by Prof. Brett Smith

© FEPSAC 2019 (Peter Leßmann, Markella Moraki)©FEPSAC2019-Leßmann, Moraki
The new elected Managing Council of FEPSAC

From left to right: Athanasios Papaioannou (Treasurer), Ismael Pedraza (FEPSAC Office), Rita de Oliveira (Secretary General), Karin Moesch (Vice-President; Applied & Education), Yago Ramis (Regular Member), Markus Raab (President), Michala Bednarikova (Regular Member), Maurizio Bertollo (Vice-President; Research & Communication), Alexis Ruffault (Regular Member) and Anastasiya Khomutova (Regular Member).