European Masters Studies in Sport and Exercise Psychology (EMSSEP)

Sport and Exercise Psychology (SEP) engages in the scientific study of people and their behaviour in sport and exercise contexts, as well as the practical application of that knowledge for health, well-being, and performance enhancement. The European Master’s Studies Consortium is set up by 13 European universities with acknowledged expertise, high research profiles and longstanding cooperation in the field. The main objectives of European Master’s Studies in Sport and Exercise Psychology are to educate highly qualified researchers and professionals for the growing field of SEP through developing students’ knowledge and skills in the psychological dynamics of sport and exercise contexts. The European Master’s offers students a variety of topics and views of the multidisciplinary field.


Outline of the Programme (60 ECTS)

The European Masters Studies in Sport and Exercise Psychology is an interdisciplinary and collaborative mobility programme. The programme is integrated into the national Master’s level degree programmes at the network universities, and involves a minimum of one-year full-time study consisting of the following jointly designed modules:

  1. Common introductory reading package (10 ECTS)
  2. A two-week International Intensive Course where students from all the partner universities come to study together, providing students a unique opportunity to study the European perspective (10 ECTS).
  3. Courses at home and abroad university (17 ECTS)
  4. A master’s thesis (23 ECTS)
  5. Study abroad period of four to six months

Other study demands of the Master’s Degree are based on the curriculum of the respective universities. The language of instruction at each network university is the local language; at the University of Jyväskylä and University of Thessaly the language of instruction is English. All network universities offer studies in English during the study abroad period. The programme graduates are awarded a Master’s Degree by their home university and in addition, a European Master’s certificate is granted to the graduates.

You can download a presentation of the programme here.



The European Master’s Studies in Sport and Exercise Psychology provides you with:

  1. A Master’s Degree specialising in Sport and Exercise Psychology
  2. Research-based, interdisciplinary, and high quality teaching from leading experts in Europe
  3. An individualised study plan
  4. A certificate of European collaborative study
  5. Experience of a truly international study environment
  6. Study abroad period with specialisation


Career Opportunities

The programme qualifies graduates for assignments both in the private and in public sector, e.g., performance enhancement consultants, health and fitness leaders, instructors, or academic researchers.


Report of the Organisers of the Intensive Course 2016 in Trikala:

The 2016 Intensive Course of the European Master Program in Sport and Exercise Psychology, organised by the School of Physical Education & Sport Science of the University of Thessaly in Trikala, was successfully completed. Important academics in the field of Sport and Exercise Psychology from all over Europe contributed to a high quality Intensive Course that attracted the interest of numerous international post-graduate students.

Within five days 40 international students from 21 countries around the world (Belgium, Canada, Canada Serbia, Colombia, Cyprus, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel, Kenya, Netherlands, Nigeria, Paraguay, Serbia, Sweden, Thailand, USA) attended classes delivered by 14 field experts, enjoyed a multicultural experience and had the opportunity to discover the Greek hospitality.

The program was highly evaluated by students and teachers: “Exceptional students, great European experience, wonderful hospitality”, “It is important to be able to interact with a large number of young people with bright minds from all over Europe.”, “The locals are extremely friendly and always looked after us “, “This experience filled me with new ideas “, “It was a unique opportunity! We came in contact with a large number of teachers across Europe!”, “I would love to come back in Trikala!”, “The hospitality was superb and we had a lifetime experience!”

The success of the Intensive Course 2016 prompted all university lecturers to organise it in Trikala again in 2017!

You can find two students reports here and here.


Visit to the town hall of Trikala (Photo by Nadia Filippou)