FEPSAC Pre-conference Workshop in Publishing, Madeira, 12 July 2011

Prof Martin S. Hagger (Curtin University, Perth, Australia)
Dr Xavier Sanchez (University of Groningen, The Netherlands)
Prof Mike Weed (Canterbury Christ Church University, UK)

Forty Euros (€40) for
– Students: 2010-11 studentship proof to be emailed to nelson.teixeira@idram.pt
– Least developed countries
– FEPSAC individual members: 2011 membership to be verified by treasurer

Sixty Euros (€60) for all other delegates
Fee includes: coffee breaks, workshop material, and certification of attendance
Delegate fee to be paid by bank transfer to the following account:
IBAN: PT50 0033 0000 0978 0350 7522 7
1. Please include the following details when making your bank transfer: “Fee pre-conference workshop in publishing AND YOUR FULL NAME”
2. Payment confirmation must be sent by email to nelson.teixeira@idram.pt
3. All expenses due to bank transfers must be assumed by the delegates

Download info as pdf file.

8.30-09.00: Welcome
Introduction to the workshop and material distribution; schedule setting for the day; identification and discussion of key skills to developed
9.00-13.00: Morning session (30min coffee break at 11am)
09.00-11.00: Constructing a cover letter, abstract and key words
11.30-13.00: Body of the manuscript; timetabling for the manuscripts writing; qualitative- vs. quantitative-methodologies submissions
14.00-17.00: Afternoon session (30min coffee break at 4pm)
14.00-16.00: Communicating with and responding to editors and reviewers; (re)submitting manuscripts for publication; dealing with rejection
16.30-17.00: ‘Ask the editors’ session; summary and closing statements


Purpose: To highlight the importance of publishing your work in international peer-review scholarly publications, provide an overview of the publication process for early-career researchers, and provide guidelines and tips how to get your work published. To discuss some of the typical problems early-career researchers face when preparing manuscripts to submit for publication. To practice how to deal with these issues throughout the whole publishing process from first submission to last revision as well as rejection.
Background: Publishing internationally is not a luxury activity of just a few but a must-do for all those who aim to disseminate their research findings and share knowledge. Whether one seeks to further knowledge in their field, scholarly recognition, a pay-rise or external funding, such a time-consuming activity must be done as efficiently and successfully as possible, with a view to maximise effort and possibility of successful publication. Success when submitting a manuscript for publication depends, ultimately, upon the originality, quality and strength of the work submitted. However, one can improve such chances of success by targeting appropriate journals, following journal guidelines very carefully, taking great care with presentation, and responding appropriately and in detail to the comments made by the reviewers and the suggestions/demands of the Editors.
Key Points: The workshop will be facilitated by three presenters with different but complementary perspectives, from the novice to the expert in publishing, who specialise in different fields including qualitative and quantitative methods utilised in social sciences, psychological sciences and sport sciences. Examples are provided to illustrate how to frame the article well and choose the right journal; how to sell the manuscript, particularly focusing on the abstract first, and the response letter to reviewers later; and how to ensure that an appropriate and accurate scientific writing style is used and that publication guidelines are followed closely.
Approach and Methods: Delegates will have the opportunity to engage in a series of ‘hands-on’ case-examples that support the theoretical components of the session. The workshop will encourage active participation amongst delegates throughout. Delegates will also have the opportunity to ‘ask the editors’ in a question-and-answer session in the final part of the workshop.