Hardy Menkehorst

Professional background

Hardy has a professional background in Social Psychology and Psychofysiology.
He also is an invited professor at the Universiteit Twente and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam where he teaches Sport psychology and Teamdevelopment. He is head of the Mental Training & Coaching Centre (MTCC) a private practice since 1986 who delivers sportpsychological services to athletes and coaches all around the Netherlands. MTCC is aimed at developing and supporting elite athletes in their endeavor to be the World’s best. He is an embedded sport psychologist of CTO (a center for education and development of talented young athletes). Hardy is the on-site sport psychologist on behalve of the National Olympic Committee for the Paralympic Team of the Netherlands in London 2012. He is the coordinator for the sport psychological services for sailing, track and field, boxing, gymnastics and shooting for the athletes, who are qualifying for the Olympics in London 2012.  Hardy is a former trainer/coach of elite volleyball teams.

Applied experience

During the past twenty five years Hardy has worked extensively with talented, elite and Olympic athletes in volleyball, fieldhockey, waterpolo, judo, sailing, swimming, speedskating, rowing, shorttrack, triathlon, tennis, shooting, as well as with national teams in volleyball (men), waterpolo (men and women), fieldhockey (men), under waterhockey (men and women), soccer (women), bridge.
Hardy has also provided sport psychology support at chess, checkers, bridge, motogp, bike trial, figure skating, basketball, motocross, (professional) soccer, bowling, equestrian sports, bobsled, skeleton, handball, inline skating, table tennis, trampoline, synchrone swimming, clay pigeon shooting, volleyball.
Hardy has acted as sport psychology expert in multidisciplinary support teams in waterpolo, (professional) speedskating, golf, gymnastics and shorttrack.
During the past 25 years, Hardy has also provided on-site sport psychology support at international competitions and tournaments including:
–    World Championships Speedskating, Shorttrack, Shooting, Waterpolo, Gymnastics
–    Preparation before Olympic (Winter) Games since Seoel 1988. The Dutch NOC has never allowed sport psychologists on site untill the London Games 2012.
–    European Championships Speedskating, Shorttrack, Bobsled, Waterpolo
–    as well as other competitions (e.g., Worldcups).

Sport background

Hardy is a former elite volleyballplayer (setter).

Selected list of presentations

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–    Menkehorst, G.A.B.M. (2002) Sportpsychology/mental training for groups and teams; commissioned by the  VSPN congress 2002, The Netherlands
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–    Menkehorst, G.A.B.M., Schuls, M.,, Schuijers, R., Van Yperen N., Bakker F., Speet B. (2007) Living up to high standards: the effect of perfectionistic concern over mistakes on negative mood in sport; during the European Congress of Sport Psychology, Halkidiki, Greece
–    Menkehorst,G.A.B.M. (2008) Managing your staff, at 2nd Symposium of Chinese Psychological Consultants in Sport in Tianjin University of Sport, China
–    Menkehorst, G.A.B.M. (2008) Team and teamdevelopment, at the Symposium of Olympic Chinese Coaches, Beijing, 2008.
–    Menkehorst, G.A.B.M., (2010) Groupdynamics, at Mastercoach Training Course, NOC.
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–    Menkehorst, G.A.B.M. (2011), Mental training of talented athletes, NL Coach, Arnhem, the Netherlands.
–    Menkehorst, G.A.B.M. (2011), Goalorientation and motivational trainingmethods, NVVO, Eindhoven,  the Netherlands