Markus Raab

Dr. Markus Raab (1968) is Full Professor and Director of the Department of Performance Psychology, Head of the Institute of Psychology at the German Sport University as well as Research Professor at the London South Bank University, UK. He is president of the current Managing Council of FEPSAC and served in other associations such as asp and EFPA. He was awarded by the DOSB, asp, FEPSAC, DGPs, ECSS, Springer Publisher, NCA, NRW state and the University of Heidelberg. He serves (or has served) as an editor (in-chief, associate, section) for ZfS, PSE, IJSEP, SEPP, Frontiers in Psychology, Latin American Journal on Sport and Exercise Psychology. His main areas of interest are exercise psychology, embodied cognition, motor learning and motor control. After predicting 2017 research in sport psychology until 2050 he currently tries to self-fulfil that prediction. 

German Sport University Cologne
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