PE4EP 2012: “Inspiration!”

Initiated in the Olympic year 2012, the first edition of PE4EP covered the theme of managing conflict and crisis in elite and Olympic sport with elite and Olympic coaches and sport psychology support providers working with elite and Olympic athletes and teams.

The expert class PE4EP 2012


Feedback from the participants on the benefits of the program include:

“Additional support for my work during this Olympic year …
Great people, great ideas, great discussions”
Sport psychologist, six years experience working with elite level athletes (Romania)


Workshop during the expert class PE4EP 2012

“Learned a lot. Interesting mix of persons, different approaches.
Training of communication”
Former elite player and current elite and Olympic coach (Belgium)

“Exchange with other European colleagues.
As psychologist, share with coaches”
Sport  psychologist, 22 years of experience (France)


Interactive work amongst participants of the expert class PE4EP 2012

“Content/ personal insight/network/knowledge”
Mental coach of Olympic coaches, 22 years Army Special forces (the Netherlands)

“Really helped me to realise my own strengths & weaknesses as a practitioner”
Sport and exercise scientist/mental coach, 9 years of experience (Great-Britain)

Group exercise during the expert class PE4EP 2012

To study, apply and enjoy!”
Sport psychologist, more than 40 years experience at elite level (the Netherlands)

Presentation and discussion of an exercise during the expert class PE4EP 2012