50 years of FEPSAC – Recent developments in European sport psychology

Editors: Anne-Marie Elbe & Roland Seiler


  1. “We were sometimes invisible but never absent”: Women’s contribution to FEPSAC and European Sport Psychology by Natalia Stambulova, Tatiana Ryba and Anne-Marie Elbe
  2. The International Non Profit Association « FEPSAC » by  Caroline R. F. Jannes and Paul Wylleman
  3. FEPSAC Congresses after 1999 — Show-case for sport psychology in Europe by Roland Seiler
  4. FEPSAC Conferences by Nadine Debois
  5. PSE: Recent Developments and Current Trends of a Leading Sport and Exercise Psychology Journal by Nikos Ntoumanis and Bernd Strauss
  6. Web-based communication: The FEPSAC website and FEPSAC’s presence in social media by Julian Fritsch, Xavier Sanchez and Maurizio Bertollo
  7. Sport Psychology and Education – History of the European Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology byTaru Lintunen, Erwin Apitzsch, Athanasios Papaioannou and Yves Vanden Auweele
  8. Sport Psychology as a Profession: FEPSAC’s initiatives for specialists in applied sport psychology by Paul Wylleman, Karin Moesch and Nadine Debois
  9. FEPSAC’s statutory Honorary Membership and the Ema Geron award by Anne-Marie Elbe and Roland Seiler
  10. FEPSAC Young Researchers Award: Building the future of sport and exercise psychology by Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis
  11. Sport and Exercise Psychology 2050 by Markus Raab

This book will appear in July 2019.

Please send an email to office@fepsac.com if you would like to pre-order a copy.