The FEPSAC recertification process aims to sustain the standard of competence, education and professional development in sport psychology practice. Recertification encourages specialists in applied sport psychology (SASP-FEPSAC) to guarantee the quality of their professional services. Recertification must be renewed every four years to maintain the use of the title SASP-FEPSAC.


Further education corresponding 30 units

1. Courses, webinars, workshops, pre-conference workshops etc

  • Up to 2 hours = 1 unit
  • Half day = 2 units
  • Full day = 4 units
  • At least 1 unit must include each of the topics of i) clinical issues in sports, ii) safeguarding, and iii) professional issues (e.g., ethics)

2. Attendance of international scientific conferences (mandatory)

  • One international scientific conference attendance = 10 units (for conferences of 1-2 days); 12 units for conferences of 3-5 days; 15 units for FEPSAC congress)

Total of 40 hours of super- and intervision, with at least 20 hours of supervision during the four years. Supervisors need to fulfill the criteria presented at under the section “supervisor criteria”. Intervision is optional.


The deadline for the recertification application is September 30 every year for the certification to be renewed from January following year.

Certified in 2019 = recertification September 30, 2023 (further education is counted from 2020 to September 2023)


30 Euro & memberships 4 year (to be payed at once when applying for the recertification)

General note

In case of circumstances that prevents you from fulfilling the criteria for recertification (e.g., paternal leave, sick leave), please contact the office of FEPSAC.