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Honorary Members

Nomination for FEPSAC Statutory honorary membership

The statutes of FEPSAC, as adopted by the General Assembly 2007 in Halkidiki, recognize not only individual and group members, but also honorary members (cfr. article 2.1). Honorary membership is a significant honor bestowed by FEPSAC, awarded for life and aimed at acknowledging the significant contribution of the honorary member

(a) to the attainment of the goals and the advancement of FEPSAC and/or

(b) for rendering outstanding service to sport and exercise psychology in Europe.

Statutory honorary membership is in general awarded to an individual. Exceptionally honorary membership can be awarded to a group.

Procedure Statutory Honorary Member

Full procedure description and nomination form can be found in the document ‘Nominations statutory honorary membership of FEPSAC’.

The deadline for submitting nominations is March 1st, on FEPSAC congress year.

Awarded in 2019:

Guido Schilling (Switzerland) *1939

Awarded in 2022:Dorothee Alfermann (Germany)

Awarded in 2022:Erwin Apitzsch (Sweden)