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Managing Council

FEPSAC Managing Council 2022 - 2026

Maurizio Bertollo

Maurizio Bertollo is Professor of sport and exercise sciences at “G. d’Annunzio” University of Chieti-Pescara. He is affiliated with the Department of Medicine and Aging Sciences, and currently serves as the Director of the Behavioral Imaging and Neural Dynamics (BIND) Center and the coordinatior of the PhD program in Kinesiology.

Maurizio received his bachelor in Physical Education and Human Movement Science, followed by a master degree in Education (Pedagogy), a master degree in Psychology, and a doctoral degree in Sport Sciences. He also holds specializations in psychotherapy, developmental and learning disabilities, and sport psychology. Currently, he is a chartered psychologist and psychotherapist within the “Ordine Nazionale Psicologi”

He has worked as a scientific consultant, psychologist, and/or coach for many Italian sports clubs, federations (e.g., Modern Pentathlon, Triathlon, Swimming, Rink Hockey, Soccer, Cycling, Track and Field, and Shooting) and for the National Olympic committee. Before moving to the University, he was also PE teacher, School Psychologist and Headmaster.

His research activity focuses on the processes and mechanisms underlying the development, maintenance and improvement of human motor behaviour and performance. Current research interests include Bio-psycho-physiological state underpinning performance, Individual Zones of Optimal Functioning, Stress recovery-balance in sport, Psychophysiological monitoring and intervention in sport. 

University “G. d’Annunzio” of Chieti-Pescara
School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Department of Medicine and Aging Sciences
Via dei Vestini, 29
66100 CHIETI
Tel.: +39 0871 3554038
Fax: +39 0871 355 67 55

Rita De Oliveira

Rita F. de Oliveira is a senior lecturer in sport and exercise science at London South Bank University. Her previous posts were with the VU University Amsterdam, German Sport University, and Royal Holloway University of London. She received her PhD from the VU University in 2007 for her work on the visual perception for basketball shooting. She directs the perception-action lab: development, learning and performance and has supervised or co-supervised 5 PhD students to completion.

Rita is Chair of the ethics panel for the School of Applied Sciences where she oversees all staff and PhD research applications. She is a senior fellow of the Higher education academy (HEA), an associate fellow and chartered psychologist by the British psychological association (BPS), and a member of the British association for sport sciences (BASES), the Portuguese association of sport psychology (SPPD), and the European network of young specialists in sport psychology (ENYSSP).

London South Bank University
School of Applied Sciences
103 Borough Rd
London SW10AA
Tel. +44 7815 7959

Athanasios Papaioannou

Athanasios Papaioannou is a professor of sport psychology and the Dean of the School of Physical Education and Nutrition at the University of Thessaly, Trikala, Greece. In this university, he has been the coordinator of the European Master in Sport and Exercise Psychology (EMSEP) Erasmus Mundus program, which provides training of international Master students in collaboration with other European universities, from 2010 until now.  He is doing research on motivation and physical activity, coordinating several European projects on this topic. He is co-Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology and we have written and co-edited books in Greek and English, such as the Routledge Companion to Sport and Exercise Psychology (with D. Hackfort). He has been active in the International Society of Sport Psychology and the Director of its 10th World Congress (Skiathos, Greece).

Department of Physical Education & Sport Science
University of Thessaly, Karyes
Trikala, 42100
Tel: +302431027012

Michala Bednáriková

Michala Bednáriková received her master degree in psychology at Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia. Her final thesis focused on critical situations that coaches handle with their athletes. In 2018 she became the first FEPSAC certified specialist in applied sport psychology.

She works as an applied practitioner with athletes, their parents and coaches; as well as provides lectures and workshops for sport organizations. She is an active member of professional organizations in the field of sport psychology for almost a decade. She served as a managing council member of ENYSSP for 2 terms since 2011. In 2017 she became a president of Slovak association of sport psychology.

Mgr. Michala Bednáriková
Pro Performance
Belehradska 8
831 04 Bratislava, Slovakia
Tel: +421 907 734 436

Bernd Strauss

(After its election in Padova 2022, Prof. Bernd Strauss had to resign for personal reasons. His position in the MC was occupied by Franziska Lautenbach)

Prof. Dr. Bernd Strauss, born 1959; Diploma in Psychology 1987 (University of Kiel, Germany); 1992 PhD (University of Kiel); 1998 venia legendi for Psychology (University of Kiel). 1987 starting as PhD student, and 1992-1998 postdoc in the Department of Sport Pedagogy (Institute of Sport and Sport Sciences, University of Kiel).

Since 1998 Professor for Sport and Exercise Psychology at the University of Muenster, Germany (after refusing several calls from other Universities; since 2008 Full Professor).

Several publications (e.g., more than 25 books, more than 100 international and national peer-reviewed journal papers; and several chapters in editions) on topics like social psychology in sport (e.g., social influence, self-concept, color research; trust, doping), expertise (e.g., perception, anticipation, laterality). Funded by several institutions (e.g., DFG, BISp, EU Erasmus+). 2012-2021 DFG-funded PhD research training group „Trust and Communication in a digitized world“ (in collaboration with 10 other applicants from communication science, psychology and economics).

Several services in- and outside the University of Muenster, e.g., 2001-2006 and 2008-2010 Dean of the faculty, 2010-2016 Deputy Dean, 2012-2017 chair of the University`s committee for strategical planning, since 2019 chair of the University`s tenure track board.  Since 2009 commissioner for top level sports at the University of Muenster.

1999-2003 Vice president of the German Society of Sport and Exercise psychology (asp)

2003-2009 President of the German Society of Sport and Exercise Science (dvs)

2013-2021 President of the German Society of Sport and Exercise Psychology (asp)

2014-2017 Chair of the Scientific Council of the Federal Institute of Sport Science (BISp, Bonn)

2001-2004 Editor-in-Chief of the “German Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology” (Hogrefe)

2010-2012 Associate Editor of the “German Journal of Sport and Exercise Science” (Springer) 2004-2011 Associate Editor of the FEPSAC Journal PSE (Elsevier)

2011-2022 Co-Editor-in-Chief of the FEPSAC Journal PSE (in collaboration with N. Ntoumanis)

2019           Congress President of the 15th FEPSAC Congress in Muenster (July 15-20, 2019)

Yago Ramis

(Originally occupying the position as regular member assumed the role of Vice President after the resignation of Prof. Bernd Strauss)

Yago Ramis from the  Psychology Faculty of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). He works as a lecturer and researcher in the field of Sport Psychology and is a member of the Research Group in Sport and Exercise Psychology (GEPE). In the last decade, he has participated in eight European Projects focusing mainly on the social influence on Youth Sport involvement and student-athletes’ development of Dual Careers. As a Lecturer, he has participated in four editions of the European Master in Sport and Exercise Psychology (EMSEP).

He finished his PhD in 2012. His thesis assessed the competitive anxiety of young athletes and the influence of social agents from a Self-Determination Theory perspective.

C/ de la Fortuna, Edifici B – B5/142
Campus de la UAB · 08193 Bellaterra
(Cerdanyola del Vallès) · Barcelona
Tel: +34 93 586 8395

Anastasiya Khomutova

Anastasiya Khomutova was born in Ukraine (Donetsk), she got her masters and PhD degrees in the Czech Republic (Palacky University in Olomouc), and currently, she works as a lecturer at the University of Brighton in the UK. Her research focuses on culturally diverse sport teams, as well as, more recently, on coach-athlete relationships in combat sports.

School of Sport and Service Management
1 Denton road
Eastbourne BN20 7SR

Franziska Lautenbach

Franziska Lautenbach is Junior professor for Sport Psychology at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in Germany. She is also vice president for Young Researchers in the German Association of Sport Psychology (asp). She received her Diploma in Sport Science in 2011 and her first state diploma for teaching in 2012. She finished her PhD focusing on the effects of psychophysiological stress on cognition and performance in 2016 and is currently working on positive emotions, cognition and performance in sport and physical education.

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Institute of Sport Science
Sport Psychology
Philippstr. 13 | 10115 Berlin | House 11| Room 2.12
Phone: +49 (0) 30 209346043

Alexis Ruffault

Alexis Ruffault has a PhD in health psychology from Paris Descartes University (2017). He is a regular member of the French Society of Sport Psychology (SFPS) since 2010, and was elected to be part of the Managing Council since 2017. He currently works as a researcher in sport and health psychology at the French Institute of Sport (INSEP), in Paris. This position allows him to provide interventions aiming at training mental skills, but also to provide cognitive-behavior therapies to injured athletes. His work as a researcher focuses on the psychological aspects of sport injury, from prevention to impact to return to sport, as well as changing behaviors preventing injuries (e.g., warm-up, recovery, diet) using sociocognitive theory-based techniques.

Institut National du Sport, de l’Expertise et de la Performance
Laboratoire SEP, Bâtiment C
11 avenue du Tremblay, 75012 Paris
Tel: +33 (0)1 41 74 45 49

Alina Gherghisan

Alina Gherghisan is employed as a full-time sport psychologist at the Romanina Olympic and Sports Committee. In this position, she has responsibilities over supervising and coordinating the activity of the sport psychologists that are part of the technical staff of the Olympic teams and organizing forums and educational programs on sport psychology. She provides individual and group counseling and psychological assistance for Olympic elite and youth athletes and for coaches of the Olympic Teams. She is member of ISSP and FEPSAC-SASP certified. Also, she is a lecturer at the National School for Coaches, teaching Sport Psychology and Sport Pedagogy. Previously she has been employed for 12 years as a research scientist in sport psychologt at the National Institute for Sport Research, Bucuresti, Romania. She completed education in clinical psychology and received her PhD in Sport Science at the University of Pitesti (Romania). Her interests focus on methods and means for increasing the efficiency of the psychological component as integrated part of athletic training. Her research includes mental flexibility, mental functionality and over-compensation strategies. Institutul National de Cercetare pentru Sport Bulevardul Basarabia 41A, București 22113, Romania +40 31 102 4912

Former Managing Councils of FEPSAC since 1969

Managing Council 2019-2022

Markus Raab, Germany (President)Rita de Oliveira, UK (Secretary General); Athanasios Papaioannou, Greece (Treasurer); Maurizio Bertollo, Italy (Vice President Research and Communication); Karin Moesch, Sweden (Vice President Applied and Education); Michala Bednarikova, Slovakia; Anastasiya Khomutova, UK; Yago Ramis, Spain; Alexis Ruffault, France.

Managing Council 2015-2019

Anne-Marie Elbe, Denmark (president); Nadine Debois, France (secretary general); Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis, Greece (treasurer); Xavier Sanchez, UK ( Vice-President Communication and Development); Markus Raab, Germany (Vice President Research); Karin Moesch, Sweden; Lina Vaisetaite, Lithuania; Maurizio Bertollo, Italy; Rita De Oliveira, UK

Managing Council 2011-2015

Paul Wylleman, Belgium (president)Anne-Marie Elbe, Denmark (vice-president); Xavier Sanchez, UK (secretary general); Alberto Cei, Italy (treasurer); Nadine Debois, France; Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis, Greece;  Vana Hutter, The Netherlands; Caroline Jannes, Belgium; Markus Raab, Germany


Managing Council 2007-2011

Paul Wylleman, Belgium (president); Chris Harwood, UK (vice-president); Urban Johnson, Sweden (secretary general); Philippe Brunel, France / Alberto Cei, Italy (treasurer); Anne-Marie Elbe, Denmark; Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis, Greece; Xavier Sanchez, UK / Netherlands; Klaudia Zuskova, Slovakia


Managing Council 2003-2007

Roland Seiler, Switzerland (president)Maria Psychountaki, Greece (vice-president); Paul Wylleman, Belgium (secretary general); Marja Kokkonen, Finland (treasurer); Philippe Brunel, France; Urban Johnson, Sweden; Reinhard Stelter, Denmark; Kaivo Thomson, Estonia; Klaudia Zuskova, Slovakia

Managing Council 1999-2003

Glyn Roberts, Norway (president)Roland Seiler, Switzerland (vice-president); Erwin Apitzsch, Sweden (secretary general); Paul Wylleman, Belgium (treasurer); Irina Holdevici, Romania; Nanette Mutrie, Great Britain; Reinhard Stelter, Denmark; Yannis Theodorakis, Greece;

Managing Council 1995-1999

Stuart Biddle, Great Britain (president)Erwin Hahn, FRG (vice-president); Erwin Apitzsch, Sweden (secretary general); Yves Vanden Auweele, Belgium (treasurer); Micahel Bar‐Eli, Israel; Jarmo Liukkonen, Finland; Roland Seiler, Switzerland; Natalia Stambulova, Russia; Yannis Zervas, Greece

Managing Council 1991-1995

Stuart Biddle, Great Britain (president)László Nàdori, Hungary (vice-president); Erwin Apitzsch, Sweden (secretary general); Erwin Hahn, FRG (treasurer); Alberto Cei, Italy; Marc Durand, France; Jarmo Liukkonen, Finland; Roland Seiler, Switzerland; Yves Vanden Auweele, Belgium

Managing Council 1987-1991

Paul Kunath, GDR (president)László Nàdori, Hungary (vice-president); Erwin Apitzsch, Sweden (secretary general); Erwin Hahn, FRG (treasurer); Stuart Biddle, Great Britain; Friedrich Blanz, Finland; Philip Genov, Bulgaria; Gennadi Gorbunov, USSR; Václav Hošek, Czechoslovakia; Jadwiga Klodecka‐Rozalska, Poland;Edgar Thill, France 

Managing Council 1983-1987

Paul Kunath, GDR (president)László Nàdori, Hungary (vice-president); Erwin Apitzsch, Sweden (secretary general); Erwin Hahn, FRG (treasurer); Friedrich Blanz, Finland; Philip Genov, Bulgaria; Gennadi Gorbunov, USSR; Giselher Guttman, Austria; Frank Sanderson, Great Britain; Edgar Thill, France

Managing Council 1979-1983

Guido Schilling, Switzerland (president); Ivan Macak, Czechoslovakia (vice-president); László Nàdori, Hungary (secretary general); Erwin Hahn, FRG (treasurer); Erwin Apitzsch, Sweden; Clive Bond, Great Britain; Philip Genov, Bulgaria; Gennadi Gorbunov, USSR; Paul Kunath, GDR; Georges Rioux, France

Managing Council 1975-1979

Guido Schilling, Switzerland (president)Ivan Macak, Czechoslovakia (vice-president); László Nàdori, Hungary (secretary general); Erwin Hahn, FRG (treasurer); Mihai Epuran, Romania; Philip Genov, Bulgaria; Erwin Hahn, GFRPaul Kunath, GDR; Albert Rodionov, USSR; Coskun Sarman, Turkey; John Whiting, Great Britain

Managing Council 1969-1975

Ema Geron, Bulgaria (president); José Roig Ibanez, Spain & Ivan Macak, Czechoslovakia (vice-president); Eric de Winter, France / Guido Schilling, Switzerland (secretary general); Coskun Sarman, Turkey  (treasurer); Mihai Epuran, Romania; Paul Kunath, GDR; Wiktoria Nawrocka, Poland (1969-1972) / Erwin Hahn, GFR (1972-1975); Albert Rodionov, USSR; László Nàdori, Hungary (1972-1975)