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One of the main activities of FEPSAC is to organize congresses and conferences.

Certification in Applied Sport Psychology

The certification process focusses on the standards for practitioners in the field of sport psychology who have an initial qualification background in either sport science, psychology, or both.

Research Grants

After having obtained the EU legal status as an International Non-Profit Organization (INPA) in 2015, FEPSAC is now eligible to be a partner in funding bids.

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How to become a group or individual member?

Welcome to Fepsac!

FEPSAC consists of group members (associations of sport psychology) and individual members.

The General Assembly is composed of a fixed number of representatives from each group member (depending on the size of the association) and all individual members. The General Assembly is the main governing body of FEPSAC which convenes every year.

The Representatives Meeting is an advisory body to the Managing Council and is organised every four years.

The Managing Council is elected by the General Assembly for a four year period and can form working groups for different tasks.


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One of the main activities of FEPSAC is to organize the European Congress of Sport & Exercise Psychology

XVlI Congress of Sport & Exercise Psychology
Innsbruck, Austria
15 – 19 July, 2024


FEPSAC Statement

FEPSAC stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, whose country has been unjustly invaded by Putin’s regime. We salute the Ukrainian athletes who have

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FEPSAC - Congress 2024

Hosting the 17th FEPSAC Congress in Innsbruck/Austria located in the heart of the Alps will be a great opportunity to promote and enhance Sport Psychology in Austria and Europe.
July 15, 2024
July 19, 2024
Insbruck, Austria