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Breaking the Silence. Adressing violence in Youth Sport

Wednesday 12th June
12:30 CET

While sports participation can greatly improve the physical health and psychosocial well being of young athletes, it’s vital to understand that positive outcomes of sport participation aren’t automatically generated. Achieving these benefits demands deliberate actions and the establishment of robust policies and procedures to safeguard athletes’ well- being. Failure to prioritize child safeguarding not only hinders the attainment of positive outcomes but may also lead to numerous harmful

In this webinar, attendees will gain insights into empirical findings concerning the prevalence, characteristics, and consequences of various types of violence in youth sport. To better understand the complex relationship between violence and sport, attitudes and beliefs that are related to the onset and persistence of violence in sport setting will also be discussed.

Finally, different measures and activities aimed at creating a non-violent, safe, and stimulating environment for children and adolescents participating in sports will be outlined.


Zrinka Greblo Jurakić, PhD is an Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Croatian Studies, University of Zagreb where she teaches several courses including Sport and Exercise Psychology, Motivation, and Social Psychology.

Her scientific work is primarily focused on investigating factors that can enhance or undermine the psychosocial well-being of young athletes. In addition, she also
studies gender stereotypes within the realm of sports. In her professional work she actively contributes to initiatives promoting child protection and safeguarding of
young athletes.

Zrinka Greblo Jurakić is a member of the Pool of International Experts on Safe Sport within Council of Europe and member of the Board for Protection of Children in Sports within Croatian Olympic Committee. As a member of the core group in project co-founded by the European Union and the Council of Europe and supported by the Croatian Ministry of Tourism and Sport, she was engaged in the development of the roadmap for effective child safeguarding in sport in Croatia.

Zrinka Greblo Jurakić has been honoured with several awards for her scientific and professional work in the field of Sport and Exercise Psychology.