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Research Grants

Involvement of FEPSAC in funding programs

After having obtained the EU legal status as an International Non-Profit Organization (INPA) in 2015, FEPSAC is now eligible to be a partner in funding bids. The main aim of FEPSAC is to develop sport, exercise and performance psychology across Europe, and its participation in EU, international and national research and dissemination projects can support this process. Please find more info here if you are interested in FEPSAC’s guidelines on involvement or contact us at

Erasmus + Programme

FEPSAC is a potential partner in European Sport and Exercise Projects, specifically, the characteristics of Erasmus+ Calls make it a very interesting opportunity to include European associations. FEPSAC can be a strategic partner to guarantee the dissemination of project achievements also offering members of the MC to act as quality control experts.

Horizon Europe – The Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2021-2027)

Research and innovation provide new knowledge and innovative solutions to overcome our societal, ecological and economic challenges. Horizon Europe helps researchers and top class innovators to develop and deploy their ideas. It supports excellent science by teaming up the best talent and equipping them with world-class infrastructures. Moreover, it supports breakthrough innovations and helps to create new services and markets.