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Benefits of an individual membership

For an additional amount, individual members may receive online access to the “Psychology of Sport and Exercise” journal and access to our member’s area(*).

(*) The member’s area includes an online member’s directory and a download area with presentations from conferences and workshops, as well as the PSE newsletter.

Please make sure the full fees are transferred to our account and that bank fees are not charged to FEPSAC.

Payments made during December are assumed to apply for the following calendar year (January-December) and associated FEPSAC benefits will start from the following January.


Your situation 1 year 2 years 4 years
Not a member of a group member 45 euros 81 euros 135 euros
Member of a group member 35 euros 63 euros 105 euros
Student 30 euros 54 euros 90 euros
Additional Service:

Online access to the Psychology of Sport and Exercise Journal: 20 euros

Membership Application for Individual members

Starting in 2018, FEPSAC offers new membership deals. People registering for two years will receive a 10% discount and people registering for four years will receive a 25% discount on their membership fee. These deals are valid for all membership types that are listed below.
If you would like to renew your membership please follow the payment procedure shown below. Note that there is no need to fill in the registration form if payment has done before the 29th of February, as we have your contact information already in our system. In the case of changes in your contact information, please, email us to with the respective changes.
Please pay the membership fee via bank transfer to the following account:

If you want to be a member, please, fill in the membership form

Membership form