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Group Membership

FEPSAC is partly composed of group members, meaning societies or organisations which support the aim of FEPSAC and which wish to develop sport psychology.

In order to become a full FEPSAC group member, the societies must have at least ten members.

Each full member is represented in the General Assembly by two delegates who have five votes each.

More than one group member of the same country is acceptable, as are groups with members from more than one country.

Group membership prices as of January 1, 2021 are:

  • 50 € for groups up to 50 members
  • 75 € for groups of 51-100 members
  • 125 € for groups of more than 100 members

For information about becoming a group member or for renewing your subscription please contact our office.

To see the list of group members

If you want to be a member, please, fill in the membership form