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The pre-requisites for an individual applying for the FEPSAC certificate in applied sport psychology are having an academic background in sport psychology, or an academic background in sport science or psychology with a further specialisation in sport psychology. The individual must have supervised applied experience and demonstrate a commitment to European and FEPSAC values. In addition, the individual must be a member of FEPSAC for the entire period of certification.

Task for the certified person

The end task of the certified professional is to provide safe and effective services to clients who can be any sport-related stakeholder in the context of applied sport psychology.

Knowledge and skills of the certified person

A person certified in applied sport psychology is someone who has demonstrated a high standard of knowledge and skills at the time of certification. Importantly, this person is aware of the scope of his/her knowledge and skills and is committed to his/her continuous professional development. In line with the FEPSAC position statement on ethics and European laws, this means that practitioners will readily refer a client to another practitioner when such a referral addresses the needs of the client and/or ensures their safety.

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