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FEPSAC Internship Grant

FEPSAC recognises that gaining experience in an internship abroad is an important step in the professional development of its members. Therefore, two personal grants of €500 are made available each year to candidates who meet the eligibility criteria and are selected by the FEPSAC internship committee.

Application Process

If you wish to apply for an internship grant, please read the details below and submit the documents to by 31st of December or by the 31st of May of each year. It is planned that decisions will be made by the end of March and by the end of June, respectively.

  1. An application letter (maximum 1 page) describing briefly how your area of study and practice is relevant to the chosen internship, your reasons for wishing to undertake the internship, and a statement of costs and expected expenditure for the duration of the internship. Please also disclose other sources of funding (eg. scholarship stipends, personal funds or college grants) that have been granted to you in respect of this internship or for which you have applied.
  2. An internship application form that can be found on the FEPSAC website specifying details of the activities proposed, supervisor details, proposed dates, etc.
  3. A CV (maximum 2 pages) which should indicate what previous activities you have undertaken, relevant to your application;
  4. Two letters of reference, preferably from individuals able to speak to your abilities in the field of sport and exercise psychology. One referee should be the proposed internship supervisor. In the case of a PhD or Postdoc student the second referee should be their university supervisor. In the case of an applied practitioner the second referee should be their supervisor of applied practice.

The successful candidate will receive a grant of €500. This award will contribute to travel, living and other expenses associated with the internship. Successful candidates will be expected to provide a brief report on their work at the end of their internship that will be disseminated by FEPSAC.


The internships are open to FEPSAC members who have been awarded a MSc AND are currently PhD or Postdoc students within Europe OR are practicing specialists in Sport and Exercise Psychology.

Applicants should have liaised with a potential internship supervisor, obtained their approval for the internship, and agreed on the content and tasks of the internship. The internship should be for the minimum duration of 1 month and must take place in a country in Europe different from the country of birth or residence.

Applicants should demonstrate from their qualifications, that they have sufficient knowledge of their field to make an effective contribution to the internship.

Applicants should explain clearly how the internship will contribute to their professional development.

Selection Criteria

The following selection criteria will be used:

  1. Suitability of the applicant to the internship to be undertaken, with regard to background and experience;
  2. Benefit to the applicant’s professional development and a possible future career in sport and exercise psychology by undertaking the internship;
  3. Ability of the applicant to demonstrate commitment to European values including past participation in European-facing activities (not necessarily abroad).

Previous internship experiences

Check here the reports from the people who benefit from the FEPSAC Internship Grant

FEPSAC Internship Grant