Before applying for certification as a Specialist in Applied Sport Psychology (SASP-FEPSAC), please read carefully the pre-requisites and criteria.

For the application please submit the 7 documents as separate pdf-files below. There is no need for more information than the minimum required in the FEPSAC criteria. Please ensure that the documents are readable by the committee.

1. The signed application checklist followed by the “Applied practice and supervision/intervision – LOG” table (download the template)

2. A 2-page CV

3.1. Higher education qualification (Bachelor and Master in Sports Science, Psychology, or Sports Psychology) – Highlighting sport psychology credits from the modules. Specialization in sport psychology (additional Master in sport psychology or accredited postgraduate courses or workshops or legally established programs, or certificates of attendance or presentation in a professional or scientific conference, or first page of scientific publications or certified editorial work)

3.2. Applied practice and supervision/intervision (if possible signed contracts with clubs/employers, and signed letters from supervisors with a short bio and/or CV, or signed letters from peers engaged in intervision with a short bio)

3.3. Culturally competent practice (certification of attendance to European sport psychology events, or contracts from other countries, or diploma/education from other countries, or certified language skills other than native language) + signed FEPSAC’s position stand on culturally competent practice in Sport and Exercise psychology

3.4. Ethics (signed FEPSAC’s position stand on ethical principles of the European sport psychology Federation) (download the file)

3.5. Financial and membership requirements (proof of payments for both membership and application fee)